Sir Kezarn Vrass

Kight protector turned good guy


Fighter 8 knight protector of thay 4 lvl 12
Str 18 dex 16 con 18 wis 12 int 14 cha 10
+4 22 +4 20 +4 22
+6 +5 +6 +1 +2 0

Hp 179 AC 32
fort 17
ref 10
will 8

skills climb 10 craft Blacksmith 17 intimidate 13 knowledge arcana 9 local Thay 9 prof soldeir 17
perception 16

Longsword Attk 24 dam 1D8 + 15
shield Attk 18 dam 1D6 + 3

Feats luck of heros iron will WF longsword WS Longsword shield focus combat expertise Improved toughness improvered crit Longsowrd improveed shield bash two weopon fighting power attact weop spec Shield slam melee mastery slashing

styptic adamantine full plate +1 bloodfeed Longsword +1 spiked shield +1 belt of pysical might +2 str/con cloak of risistance ring of protectin +1 vangaurd treads crimson dragon hide bracers longbow +2str ring of Armouring


Born to a rich and noble thayan family he was a dissapointment to his parents as he is the only one of thier 5 children(3 girls 2 boys) who should no apptiude with magic. He was left in the care of nannys and lesser academic tutors altho still got a great education. while compared with his siblings his education was lacking no expence was spared for hiring a Kensi to train him and his only boyhood freinds a slave (named ____). after many years his hard work paid off as he was offered the post as knight protector to Szass Tam . After a few years in the service of the necromaner he became sickened by the way slave were treated. the last straw was when his sister blamed the theft of some research on (____) and he was executed with out a trail . He left thay in disgusted gaiming the aid of (PCs father) to circuimvent the magical bonds placed on him the price of this deal being He would find and protect his son.

Sir Kezarn Vrass

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